Catholic Faith

Living Like Jesus: We are Stewards

Opening Prayer to the new school year:

Generous and loving God,

Thank you for the gift of a new school year, and a new opportunity to love and serve one another.

Grant strength and grace to all students and staff as they seek to grow in wisdom, knowledge and faith this year.

As stewards may we use the gifts and talents you have given us to serve one another, and to make Christ visible within our school..

We ask these prayers through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

This year, our faith theme is Living Like Jesus; We are Stewards.  As disciples of Christ, we are called to spread God's love through service and gratitude for all of the Gifts God has given us.  We are called to share these gifts and talents in the world and "shine our light" in the world.  Each homeroom class received a yellow lantern during the Opening Celebration in keeping with our faith theme.  

But what does it mean to be a Good steward?

  • Stewardship is about being thankful (showing gratitude) for what we have, and recognizing that all we have is a gift from God.  Our talents, our treasures, our loved ones, our homes etc. What gifts might we be thankful for?
  • Stewardship is about seeing all of creation as gifts - not for us to own, but to make use of - like a loan.  It belongs to God, and we are charged by God to be the caretakers of creation. Thus we must lovingly and respectfully care for creation.  What might this mean for us with regard to caring for the environment?
  • Stewardship requires acknowledging our complete dependence on God.  Without God are lives are missing something. We were created with a longing for meaning - and we find that meaning in God.
  • We must recognize that we will be accountable for taking care of what has been given - we must use the gifts and blessings wisely.   
  • What gifts do you have that can be shared with others?As a response to God’s generosity, as good stewards we strive to share the gifts we receive (3 T’s - time, talent and treasure).  
  • How might we share with others at school, at home, in our communities.

In summary, as Christian stewards, we are called to receive God's gifts gratefully, cultivate or use them responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them, with increase, to the Lord.